Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea’s 2016

Has Cupid hit you with this bow and arrow? Are you thinking of proposing on Valentine’s Day? Try and get creative when popping the question. Here are some ideas that are anything but the usual:

1. Throw your future spouse off his or her game by planning a special getaway.
Especially if you are never the one who plans your romantic trips, just the trip alone is enough to disguise your real mission. Pop the question right before you leave for the airport or jump in the car to head out. 

2. Don’t wait until Valentine’s night to pop the question.
Do it at a romantic breakfast, or an amazing picnic early in the day. He or she won’t be expecting it when the ring appears after eggs benedict or fried chicken instead of in the chocolate mousse. It will be just as romantic and far more surprising.

3. Make an appointment with the jeweler where you intend to purchase the engagement ring and take your future fiancé to lunch and shopping.

Have a few rings picked out and wander into the jewelry shop like you’re just going to look —  but then sit down together and present her with a selection and ask her to marry you. Then let her choose her favorite ring.

4. Tell your significant other that you’ve made plans with a large group of people — even better if they’re not his or her favorite people — but actually make a private reservation someplace very special for just the two of you.
Begin the night with a proposal instead of leaving them in limbo through dinner. Perhaps have the server deliver the ring on a napkin with champagne. That way you can celebrate all evening long.

5. If you’re not a get-down-on-one-knee kinda person, technology can make your proposal fun even if you’re not actually holding the ring.
Surprise your loved one with a path of rose petals to the kitchen counter where there is a glass of wine waiting. Then have the path to the bedroom where you have a heart of rose petals on the bed with a ring box in the center. You can do this a thousand different ways but the trick is to be waiting with a camera to capture her reaction when she sees it. 

Happy Memorial Day

Every year, on the last Monday in May, we take the time to honor the men and women who died while serving the United States Armed Forces.


Preppy Monogrammed Gifts  would like to thank all service members for their commitment and dedication to the safety and civil liberties of US citizens.

 We encourage everyone to celebrate respectfully by thanking veterans for their commitment and enjoying the company of friends and family members.

 Memorial Day travel weekend is always busy. One-third of you are planning a getaway, according to TripAdvisor’s summer travel survey. Of those planning an escape, three-quarters will be driving. As usual, roadways will be jam-packed on the first and last days of the long weekend.How to avoid traffic, crowds, and hassles—and keep everyone in your car sane? Here are a few ideas you can pick up at www.preppymonogrammedgifts.com to get yourself organized for the trip. 



Everyone loves a monogrammed or personalized gift and we think our bag tags are super cute-they make the perfect little gift for you or your friends and have many uses. Tag your overnight bag or luggage, beach tote, diaper bag, gymnastics bag, or your child’s backpack for a quick, easy and stylish way to spot your belongings.


Designed to keep your Ipad case safe from scratches, this colorful sleeve features a flap closure for quick access.



You will love Our Monogrammed Beach Towels!
They are a great seller year after year!
Also, don’t forget these important items for your Monogrammed Beach Tote Bag
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Beach toys
• Flip flops
• Your favorite book
• Mp3 player and headphones
Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!  
Preppy Monogrammed Gifts has everything you’ll need to organize your Memorial Day road trip. From  personalized bags to monogrammed tags—we have it all.
Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

Our Monogrammed Mother’s Day Gifts Will Make the Day Special

I remember celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mom. It was May 8th, 2011. My son was a day old and we were still in the hospital in Germany. I can’t believe my baby boy will be 3 years old next month but that’s beside the point! 🙂 My first Mother’s Day my husband bought me, wait for it… a Dr.Pepper and a Reese’s peanut butter cup. You think I’m kidding, but I’m really not! So for all you husbands out there (and sons and daughters), let’s do better for your mom this year please!  Preppy Monogrammed Gifts can certainly help you with a one-of-a-kind monogrammed Mother’s Day gift. 

My kids aren’t really big enough to shop for Mother’s Day just yet so it’s left up to my husband. I promise you he has done better since that first Mother’s Day! Today I have made my go-to shopping list this year at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts.  

My mom has always loved purses, bags, and totes. So here are a few things that I am looking at for her. 

I love everything about this monogrammed Appliqué Grab Bag! You can personalize it down to the colors of the appliqué that you want. My mom likes the smaller bags so I would go for the small with her. I personally love big bags, so if it were me I would probably like the medium or large bag. Here are the sizes for each bag: 

  • Small  18 x 12 x 4.5  Medium  22 x 16 x 6  Large  25 x19 x 9

I also love that this bag is canvas! It is perfect for the spring and summer season. applique-tote-bag

I also love this monogrammed bag for all seasons, and now is the perfect time to get it for my mom. This is a hobo-style bag. I absolutely love the avocado color as well; the handles are braided and I would love to see this with a 3 letter monogram in ivory. wh51_avocado

Now this is just plain cute! I love something that will make your house unique and start a conversation with new guests. This monogrammed door hanger is just the thing to do that! Display it on your front door or have one in your kitchen with your last name single initial and one in your bathroom with your 3 letter monogram! Its adorable and will get tons of attention.



Ok now that we all know what I am looking at for my mom, let’s talk about some of my favorites for me! Maybe I should tell my husband to take note! 

I LOVE all things nautical and it is “in” this season, which makes me pretty happy! Some of my new favorite nautical items on Preppy Monogrammed Gifts are: 

The seahorse monogrammed market tote, I mean seriously… how adorable! Market totes are great for shopping, the beach, or just to keep in your car. They are super for easy clean-up, which I know all moms love! And the turquoise pattern is so summer! I want mine with a hot pink monogram!


Next on my favorites list is the pewter filigree monogram pendant. So preppy, who doesn’t love to wear their initials around their neck! I think it could go with anything! Dress it down with a cute shirt, shorts and flip flops, or dress it up with a summer dress and some wedges! It’s perfect for everyday wear! 


My final favorite is this awesome monogrammed anchor tote bag! I absolutely love the anchor detail of the bag with the fishtail font. Its perfect for a day at the pool or the beach! This is a water resistant tote that features an inside mesh zipper pocket and a front zipper pocket for your essentials like your phone and keys. This tote bag is available in lime, royal, blue and black. How cute would this royal bag be with a hot pink monogram or a kelly green! You get to choose your options for thread color! 



Alright y’all, these are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for everyone! So let’s get to shopping! Don’t be too late and show up with candy and a coke! 🙂 


As always, we have gift certificates available for email and regular mail if you’re just not sure what to purchase.







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Easter Is Coming!

Easter will be here soon! Here at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts we have everything you need to make Easter shopping easy! You don’t really want to buy a Easter basket every year and throw it out once you’ve started your spring cleaning. It seems like such a waste of money, doesn’t it? The Easter baskets that we offer at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts are classic and become a classic keepsake that you will love to use every year. 

Our Easter Baskets make Easter morning special every year and can start a tradition for your children! I remember waking up on Easter morning and knowing that my white Easter basket with the pink polka dot liner was there waiting for me because the Easter Bunny came to fill it up. Not only are these great for your children, but they are great gifts! Hint hint: grandmom! Mom and Dad may like that this year instead of candy, the kids got their very own Easter basket. We have a few choices for them as well – we have pink, blue, yellow, lavender, and green seersucker, and a solid white pique.

We also have the very popular chevron print Easter basket in pink and blue.
Easter Baskets Chevron Prints

We also have a new fabric Easter buckets in aqua dot, purple dot, and hot pink dot, hot pink chevron, mint chevron, navy chevron, navy multi chevron, and pink multi chevron. Don’t forget that everything can be monogrammed! These buckets are great for after Easter too, you can use them for organizing toys, socks, hair bows and other similar items for you little ones.

Monogrammed Easter Buckets

And the best news is, we can always ship it to the recipient with wrapping and a gift message.