Unique Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea’s 2016

Has Cupid hit you with this bow and arrow? Are you thinking of proposing on Valentine’s Day? Try and get creative when popping the question. Here are some ideas that are anything but the usual:

1. Throw your future spouse off his or her game by planning a special getaway.
Especially if you are never the one who plans your romantic trips, just the trip alone is enough to disguise your real mission. Pop the question right before you leave for the airport or jump in the car to head out. 

2. Don’t wait until Valentine’s night to pop the question.
Do it at a romantic breakfast, or an amazing picnic early in the day. He or she won’t be expecting it when the ring appears after eggs benedict or fried chicken instead of in the chocolate mousse. It will be just as romantic and far more surprising.

3. Make an appointment with the jeweler where you intend to purchase the engagement ring and take your future fiancé to lunch and shopping.

Have a few rings picked out and wander into the jewelry shop like you’re just going to look —  but then sit down together and present her with a selection and ask her to marry you. Then let her choose her favorite ring.

4. Tell your significant other that you’ve made plans with a large group of people — even better if they’re not his or her favorite people — but actually make a private reservation someplace very special for just the two of you.
Begin the night with a proposal instead of leaving them in limbo through dinner. Perhaps have the server deliver the ring on a napkin with champagne. That way you can celebrate all evening long.

5. If you’re not a get-down-on-one-knee kinda person, technology can make your proposal fun even if you’re not actually holding the ring.
Surprise your loved one with a path of rose petals to the kitchen counter where there is a glass of wine waiting. Then have the path to the bedroom where you have a heart of rose petals on the bed with a ring box in the center. You can do this a thousand different ways but the trick is to be waiting with a camera to capture her reaction when she sees it. 

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